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Bizwear Backs 2019 WomenWise Event

2 December 2019

At Bizwear, we are big believers in gender diversity and fostering gender equality in the workplace. For the second time, we wer…

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Bizwear Backs Australian Unity’s 2019 Better Together Cup

11 November 2019

At Bizwear, we are big believers in supporting our client’s efforts in raising funds for a worthy cause. So it was with great…

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Bizwear Wins FoodWorks Supplier of the Year Award

29 October 2019

The Bizwear team are delighted to have received the FoodWorks non-merchandise supplier of the year award at the FoodWorks Trade…

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Bizwear Helps Epworth Healthcare Implement Sustainable Uniform Recycling Program

16 September 2019

Epworth Healthcare have integrated a uniform recycling program into the The Bizwear Uniform Shop at Richmond. Epworth staff can…

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Bizwear Show Support at the Annual Epworth Gala Ball

1 September 2019

The Bizwear team were recently among the 1,300 guests who had the pleasure of attending the annual Epworth Gala Ball at the Crow…

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