News Australia Post Recycling Programme

13 February 2017
Australia Post Value From Waste Design Forum

Through all aspects of the Bizwear business, we are always looking for ways to boost sustainability and minimise our impact on the environment. Whether it’s the fabric sourced, manufacturing processes, or disused materials, we understand the profound impact of waste on our planet. Australia Post has recognised the need to extract greater value from waste products and launched the Australia Post Recycling Programme. This programme seeks to bring together partners from various industry sectors to innovate smart, productive ways to recycle.

Cathie Gray, Business Development Manager, attended the first forum in 2016. The forum hosted people from corporate, not for profit, government, and academia sectors. Through a series of brainstorming sessions and fascinating discussions, this diverse group of people developed innovative and progressive solutions to the huge problem of waste in our world.

Understanding that joint ownership and ongoing partnership is vital to the successful implementation of these ideas, it was agreed that these forums should continue. On 9 November 2016, we attended a follow up forum to share exciting developments since our earlier meeting. Bizwear is excited to continue to support this initiative, and we look forward to innovating greater solutions with our industry partners in the future.