News Australian Defence Force Patrol Jacket

1 July 2015
Australian Defence Force graduation ceremony - Patrol Jacket featured.

Due to complexity and specificity, uniforms designed for the defence market undoubtedly present manufacturing challenges. For over two years, we have been supplying uniforms to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) - a significant part of our defence uniforms portfolio. Dressing the Army, Navy and Airforce, we have managed highly complex and specialised programmes during this time. Recently, we manufactured over 1300 ‘Patrol’ jackets to dress one of the largest intakes by the ADF in recent years.

Manufactured in only two months, these complicated garments were made in Fiji by one of our highly skilled, sustainable manufacturing partners. The garments were made in regular sizing and “made to fit”. Bizwear also manufactured the fabric.

In addition to the Patrol jackets featured, we manufactured 80-100 suits a week for the Army, Airforce and Navy. To handle such volume, we established highly specialised production and cutting lines. This ensured our commitment to perfecting the finer details remained strong during a project of such high demand.

If you see Bizwear as the smart alternative, find out more about our supply to the defence sector here.