News Bizwear Featured in Leading Fashion Mag

20 March 2018

Corporate apparel tends to fly under the radar of the fashion industry, but its ever-increasing market share – and Bizwear’s stake in this – has been highlighted by a leading fashion industry magazine.

Ragtrader’s March issue named Bizwear the second largest provider of corporate apparel in Australia and interviewed Andrew Symon, our director of business development and strategy, for expert insight into the industry.

Symon told the magazine he estimates Australia’s company-provided workwear market to be worth around a billion dollars annually.

This is a significant share of the total Australian apparel market of $16 billion, especially once you deduct money spent on children’s and youth apparel.

Ragtrader highlighted Bizwear’s extremely low return rate (less than five per cent), which it attributed to the way we design uniforms in response to employees’ personal requests.

The article also sang the praises of Bizwear’s IT system, which tracks production in five different countries.

Symon says the Ragtrader feature is wonderful recognition of corporate apparel’s style and quality.

“At Bizwear we’re passionate about creating well-designed uniforms – clothing that empowers employees and leads to better performance,” he says. “It’s great that the fashion industry recognises high-end design isn’t limited to what we see on the runway – it can apply to workwear too.”