News Bizwear Helps Epworth Healthcare Implement Sustainable Uniform Recycling Program

16 September 2019
Simon Mikedis-Group Sustainability Manager, Laura Jackson-EA, Helen Bell-Volunteer, Peter Nuttman-Chief Operations Manager, EMI

Epworth Healthcare have integrated a uniform recycling program into the The Bizwear Uniform Shop at Richmond. Epworth staff can now recycle their old uniforms via a designated bin at the Bizwear Uniform Shop and avoid textile waste ending up in landfill.

Bizwear, who oversee the operation of the onsite uniform shop, worked with Epworth Group Sustainability Manager Simon Mikedis to find a recycling partner for the program.

Epworth will absorb the cost of sending the uniforms to Textile Recycling Australia to regenerate, reuse and recycle. The objective of the program is to keep as much textile waste out of landfills as possible.

“In the last financial year, our uniform supplier, Bizwear, provided 14,046 pieces to Epworth. This includes shoes and belts so the ballpark figure for just uniforms is around 12,000, with Epworth Richmond around 5,647,” Simon said.

“We want to use resources more wisely and reduce impact on the environment,” Simon said.

“An effective way to do this (reduce impact on the environment) is through partnership with experts in these areas and, importantly, we need buy-in from staff.”

With the introduction of new uniforms to Epworth Medical Imaging’s (EMI) 200 staff last month, Bizwear Account Manager Liz Marcuccio said “The staff support and use of the new recycling bin has been great.”

Bizwear is excited to be a part of this trial and working towards the reduction of waste associated with uniform textiles.