News Meet our team: Max Fabbian, Operations Manager

23 July 2020

Without our people, we wouldn’t be able to provide the great service that makes Bizwear what it is. In this series, we talk to our team members to find out a little about them and the expertise they bring to Bizwear.

Max’s Bizwear journey

Max joined Bizwear in 1995 when the original owners started the business. Coming from a corporate uniform background, Max saw Bizwear as an opportunity to join a company that was ‘young and fresh’ in an industry that needed new ideas and direction.

Bizwear had an immediate impact in the Australian corporate market, winning contracts with brands like Westfield, Ford, Holden, AV Jennings, Amcal chemists and AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service).

The ‘new kid on the block’ was starting to get noticed by the competitors, and it wasn’t long before Bizwear was invited to tender for the big contracts – and along came Kmart!

After a lot of hard work and new ideas, Max helped Bizwear win the Kmart business pitching against the big competitors. This contract was the beginning of what Bizwear has become today.

Eight years after Max joined the team, Belgravia Group purchased Bizwear. With the backing of the Group and Max continuing to lead Bizwear’s manufacturing and product innovation, the business has gone from strength to strength. Bizwear is now a serious player in the Australian and International corporate market with a very impressive client list.

What lies ahead

Bizwear’s manufacturing is well-established in China however we are currently starting to look at potential alternative countries of manufacture such as Vietnam, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Indonesia and India.

The journey has already started but we are moving slowly to ensure we maintain our quality and delivery expectation of all our customers.

Ethical sourcing is the number one priority for the business. We have started supplying sustainable fabrics to some of our clients as well as degradable packaging.

A highlight at Bizwear

The ever present ‘anything can be done’ attitude and the great relationships we have with all our customers.

Little known facts

Max is an avid runner and a passionate soccer fan. “Soccer is the world game and TORINO FC is the best team in the world!” he says.

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