News Split Shifts to Keep Our Warehouse Staff Safe

4 June 2020

Just like many other businesses around the world, we’ve had to innovate in order to keep our business running and our staff safe and healthy. One of the measures we’ve undertaken is split shifts in our warehouse, to reduce staff contact and ensure safe distancing.

Warehouse work in the age of coronavirus

Our staff members’ wellbeing is our top priority. As soon as restrictions began as a result of the coronavirus crisis, we started implementing measures to keep our team safe.

One of these measures was splitting our team into a morning shift, starting at 6am, and an afternoon shift, starting at 2.30pm and finishing at 10.30pm. The teams were organised based on staff members’ personal circumstances and preferences.

Had an infection occurred, we would have been able to isolate that person and team while the other team continued to provide service to our clients – keeping our staff safe and our business operational until a return to work was safe.

Thanks to the efforts of our incredible team, Bizwear has been able to keep processing thousands of vital orders for uniforms for clients including Coles Group, Bunnings, Officeworks, Epworth Healthcare and Priceline – among other important clients.

A new way of doing things

While any change takes some getting used to, our team has risen to the challenge. Interestingly, overall warehouse productivity and efficiency have improved with this double shift – and there is now a healthy daily competition between the 2 teams.

The changes have been a learning experience for all our staff members and we are happy to report that all employees are happy with their new hours of work.

The warehouse staff aren’t the only ones who have had changes to their work setup: the office and management team are now set up to work from home as well.

This reorganization also took into account how to manage our customer service team to provide ongoing first response to any customer questions or concerns, so service to our clients is maintained, no matter where or how we are working.