News The Importance of Quality Management

9 August 2016

In any field of manufacturing, it is vital that quality standards are upheld to ensure customer satisfaction. At Bizwear, we are constantly striving to maintain our excellent quality standards in all aspects of our business. This includes our facilities, exceptional staff, ongoing training and development, services, and of course, our garment quality.

To offer our customers certainty that all our quality standards are being managed effectively, Bizwear holds the highly valued ISO 9001 industry certification. We have been ISO accredited for over fifteen years, and through an audit carried out by the ISO 9001 certification body, we received continued certification.

The certification seeks to streamline management systems, manufacturing processes, and to identify areas of improvement. What does this mean for you, our valued customer? Your orders are fulfilled on time, and you are given the utmost customer service. Most importantly, you receive the best quality uniform for your own highly valued team.