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Corporate uniforms must convey the brand you value within your organisation. Bizwear has expertise in balancing subtlety and professionalism through smart colour choice, sophisticated styling and precise fabrication.

Our business model specialises in providing corporate apparel to mid to large scale organisations. Your business can feel confident that we understand the high level presentation you require from your apparel. We offer corporate uniforms made from wool-stretch blended suiting, woven shirting, comfortable knit tops and stylish machine wash knitwear. Ease, comfort and exceptional style: certainty that a Bizwear corporate uniform will be the right fit for your brand.

Uniform SolutionsCorporate Our Approach

First and foremost, we get to know you and everything your company stands for. At Bizwear, we believe in the value of company culture and the professionalism that drives your business.

Drawing on our experience with other corporate clients, we can create a uniform program that places you in the top tier of your industry. Your peers will see your company as industry leaders, united by sophistication and self-assurance. Our management team, proven project management skills and communication processes ensure on time execution of key milestone events. We will tailor your own online ordering platform, because your company is unique, just like your uniform needs. We will fine tune this system so specific entitlements, authorisation levels, mapping of employee profiles and reporting solutions are in line with your business.

Uniform SolutionsCorporate Our Clients

Bizwear has worked with a number of clients within the corporate sector. Find out more below.

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