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Bizwear’s interest and engagement with Australian Defence uniforms commenced in 2013 when approached by a defence related organisation to express interest in considering entering the ‘non-combat’ clothing segment.

Bizwear now understands the specialised nature of this market, through the experience of developing these unique garment specifications, in addition to specific fabric and trim requirements. Given our established relationships with our manufacturing and fabric mill partners, we have quickly been able to find the best supplier to deliver these defence uniforms with demanding specifications. To ensure these specifications are met from the earliest stages of design, we engage our exceptional account managers so the finest details are not missed. We believe the future is bright for Bizwear in the design, manufacture and management of various defence non-combat uniform requirements.

Uniform SolutionsDefence Our Approach

Bizwear’s production methodology and management experience in managing lists of uniform items ensures we understand the technical detail of each uniform item.

Understanding the technical detail allows us to move from one garment to the next with confidence and control in our production processes.

Bizwear’s global factory partners and sourcing network can supply the broad range of non-combat clothing items. The strengths of manufacturing in China and Fiji can be maximised to best accommodate different uniform styles, volumes, lead-times, quality to specification and price points.

Bizwear’s recent presence as a supplier to Australia Defence has allowed a fresh review of existing Defence uniform specifications. Bizwear has successfully and cooperatively made samples of modernised Defence uniform items and updates to specifications are currently under review.

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Bizwear has worked with a number of clients within the Defence industry. Find out more below.

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