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Specialist federal and state based agencies have a broad range of unique uniform requirements. Generally these uniforms are distinct to the organisation, with detailed uniform specifications which must be followed.

Varying levels of security protocols control the management and issuing of these unique uniforms. Organisations with these particular requirements include Police Forces; Corrections Departments; Emergency Services; Immigration; Border control; various Federal Government agencies, such as the Department of Human Services (Centrelink). We can also supply corporate uniforms, which are often required by a number of local government councils.

Uniform SolutionsGovernment Agency Our Approach

The opportunities for the supply of government agency uniforms are usually strictly controlled by formal tendering processes and protocols. Bizwear has a comprehensive understanding of these opportunities.

Bizwear strategically considers the opportunity to understand a number of criteria. We look at the incumbent supplier performance and the point of difference we can provide, while completing a risk assessment relating to product supply and service requirements. We keep our agency contacts updated and informed throughout the tendering process.

Once the tender has been awarded to Bizwear and manufacturing proceeds, Bizwear announces an internal ‘bid team’ to effectively manage your project. Key managers from business development, marketing, systems, production, design, and finance are engaged. Throughout the project our business development manager will remain involved, while one of our dedicated account managers will be responsible for the day to day project management from commencement to supply.

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