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The Australian Healthcare industry employs over 900,000 staff across a range of sectors including public, private and non-for-profit hospital organisations, specialist areas like pathology and Imaging, aged and community care organisations.

Given this vast range of services and occupations, Bizwear understands the need for highly functional, durable and well-designed healthcare uniforms to meet all requirements. Given the day to day working environment in the healthcare industry, it is commonplace for professionals to prefer to wear a uniform.

Uniform SolutionsHealth Our Approach

Bizwear can provide a distinctive uniform design and select uniform garments from Bizwear’s Healthcare “stock service” range to define your new image. Sometimes, a mix of both options can be the best solution.

Bizwear combines its in-depth operational understanding of staff functions and hierarchies in Healthcare organisations with the flexibility offered by its online ordering system, Styleman, to develop customised online ordering sites. As a result, Bizwear’s online ordering sites control the expenditure on uniforms and reduce the administrative burden of this high emotion and high transaction category.

Uniform SolutionsHealth Our Clients

Bizwear has worked with a number of clients within the healthcare industry. Find out more below.

Australian Unity
Remedy Healthcare
Southern Cross Care Victoria
Southern Cross Care
Physio Connect
Bolton Clarke
Churches of Christ
Village Glen

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