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Bizwear identifies transport and infrastructure as a significant industry category that has particularly diverse corporate uniform requirements.

With our extensive experience in this sector, we have the knowledge to provide you with the best advice.

Transport covers the four different modes of transport: air, sea, rail and road. Employee identification, safety, performance, and ”fit for purpose” are often important requirements in the design and construction of the various uniform items. Infrastructure covers industrial based corporate uniform opportunities which usually includes some form of ‘workwear’ combined with other corporate apparel.

Bizwear can design and manufacture a complementary range to suit the different employee work-streams. It is not uncommon, as various garments are required to meet specific Australian safety and performance standards.

Uniform SolutionsTransport & Infrastructure Our Approach

Understanding the workplace environment is the most important principle when considering transport and infrastructure uniform requirements.

We consider whether your organisation is a public, listed or private entity. Usually, a public or listed organisation will be bound to a formal and open tender or expression of interest process: our vast experience ensures this is dealt with efficiently.

Another key consideration for us is to not under specify or over specify the fabric, trims or styling of each uniform item. Under specifying can lead to unsuitable levels of protection and quality; over specifying can lead to excessive levels of protection that are unnecessary in the day to day risk profile of the specific workplace. Taking all of this into account, Bizwear will provide a considered and responsible uniform proposal that will cover the risk profile of ‘fit for purpose’ and incorporate your desired corporate brand image.

Uniform SolutionsTransport & Infrastructure Our Clients

Bizwear has worked with a number of clients within the transport industry. Find out more below.


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